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I am a - Daughter of a King. Wife. Boy mom. Daughter. Sister. Veteran. Lover of music. Cookie dough connoisseur. Hoarder of chocolate. Daydreamer. Chip & Jo fan. Junkin’ queen. Pinterest fail lover. Joke teller. Crisis averter. Chaos manager. Caffeine queen. Cross-fit wannabe. Rock star in my car. Collector of all things turquoise. Cowboy boot aficionado. PJ pant enthusiast. Appreciator of wine. Finder of lost things. Chaser of gorgeous sunsets. Photographer. 
I am a lot of things, but I hope to be your friend, and the pusher of your pause button:  The creator of your legacy, to keep your story alive for generations to come.  I can't wait to hear about your vision and your love story and help you create + capture memories that you will cherish.

a little bit about me…

I'm Daedra Lynn!